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In today’s time Ecommerce website development is the best way to bring your business online . It includes everything that enables your website to be an fully functional store of product or services . Many types of tasks are added to this, in which all the technical tasks are completed from preparing the structure of the ecommerce platform to accepting payments from customers.

StrikeIT E commerce website development


If you also want to be recognised as the leading player in your business and trying to figure out the best Ecommerce developers then we are the right fit for your project We  SrikeIT are the best Ecommerce Website  Development company  that  helps our client in getting  Ecommerce website with smooth structure   ,easy to navigate and highly secured payment gateways for safe transactions . We  determines which ecommerce design or framework might work best for you. We not only support our clients with development .We also give them consultation regarding their project -which can help them in their future growth  .  We understand the complexity of E-commerce portals and therefore help you in undestanding to operate and run it smoothly after the project is completed . We offer to provide free  6  months maintenance facilty of website or app to our clients which can be  paid opted by our clients if they require our support later on . Our aim is to provide you with such a eyecathing and smooth and safe website  which can add on the customers  trust upon you business . We  StrikeIT have  the best developers serving our clients nationally and internationally .

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is an electronic network through which one of the platforms can be bought and sold goods and services on the Internet. It transmits your money or data. It helps any business to reach its customers. In this, they are connected to each other in the form of consumer to consumer or consumer to business.

Today many people also know e-commerce by the word e-business. They are often used interchangeably. It is also used in the context of transactional processes involving online retail purchases. E-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay are the biggest example of this in today’s time. All of these companies have contributed to the substantial growth of online retail in a big way today.

How Does E-Commerce Work?

The working and conducting of e-commerce is completely different from the transactions with the actual customers. In this, customers search for their products on the Internet through their own devices and access an online store, which we know as a website. In this, the database provided by the consumer is forwarded and forwarded, which is known as the order manager.

Thereafter, all those databases are forwarded and managed at the inventory levels. Along with this payment system is used through a merchant system. Once the payment system is confirmed, the product selected by the customer from the store is delivered to their doorstep by the order manager.

From placing the order to delivering the product to it, there are many processes involved in the middle, which include everything from the warehouse to the fulfilment department. This process may take from 1 day to a few days.

Benefits Of E-commerce

Borderless Transactions: A physical store business operation has to be limited to a specific geographical area, but can easily carry out its business from one place to multiple locations. Ecommerce website helps business to reach more customers globally.

Many Facilities: In this you get many types of facilities which are easily accessible through internet. All you have to do is search for your product using a search engine, you do not need to leave your home to buy and search for products or services. You can do this through your device.

Time Saving: The biggest advantage of e-commerce is that it saves your time. E-commerce does not allow the customer to waste time going to the third floor between the corridors. With an online store it becomes much easier to locate products, which saves you a lot of time.

More Options: Along with this, whenever you buy a product through e-commerce, there are many options in front of you. By looking at the products of different types of companies at one place, you can assess their price and their features and choose one item from them.

Easy Marketing: You can bring more and more customers to the e-commerce store through marketing. In today’s time, many such traditional printer ads are used, which are quite economical and easy, due to which you can reach more and more customers on your e-commerce website. There are several affordable marketing channels to drive customers to your ecommerce business, which allow them to reach a fragmented market at a low cost.

Which Business is Suitable For Ecommerce

It is suitable for all types of business. We tell you what kind of business you can do through E-commerce Website and how useful it is.

B2C – ( Business to Consumer )

Through B2C services you can sell general services to your individual customers. This is the medium that most people think of when they hear the word e-commerce business. Initial B2C sales are between a business and a single customer. In this model a buyer finds a business online and gets his product through it. The B2C model is most commonly used today.

B2B – (Business to Business)

B2B ecommerce refers to businesses selling products or services where companies have higher order values ​​and more recurring purchases. Products include B2B ecommerce distribution, website hosting services, financial services or any number of software services and solutions.

D2C — (Direct to Consumer)

In this type of business ecommerce is able to deliver any product or service directly to the end customer, eliminating the intermediary business. It provides relief to manufacturers from using third party retailers or wholesalers.

FAQ Bassed On Ecommerce Website Development

  1. Is Amazon an ecommerce website?

Ans, Yes, Amazon is an ecommerce website. It has been doing this since its inception in 1994 till date and today Amazon has become an e-commerce giant. Today it has everything from products to the latest technological gadgets available for purchase.

  1. How do I make an ecommerce website?

Ans. Ecommerce Website Development is easy, and tricky at the same time . you can choose wordpess  ,wix or shopify type of platforms or take help of  any Ecommerce developers or contact StrikeIT team to help you in your project . You can  focus on  managing your business operations  while we  can handle the technicalities of  E-commerce Website for you.

  1. What are the 3 types of e-commerce?

Ans. You get to see 3 types of e-commerce stores which work in different ways, the main purpose of all of them is for any business to easily reach its services from one place to another. The three main types of e-commerce are consumer-to-consumer (websites like eBay), business-to-consumer (websites like Amazon), and business-to-business (websites like Shopify).

Last Word –

If you are looking for an  trustworthy Ecommerce Website Development company for you, then you can contact StrikeIT team via call or email ( for your project  . We  help our clients  in the best possible ways any we no stones unturned to add our value in our clients success . We do the best  Ecommerce website development, as well as provide all the options and after sale support  about how to operate it completely. For any query our clients are most welcome even after the project is delivered and are always ready to serve you with 24/7 support facility available .


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