Seo Company in Lucknow

Seo Company in Lucknow

Seo Company in Lucknow We Supply Guaranteed Outcomes for Search Engine Marketing and Different Web Advertising Offerings

Website Positioning is a technique to attain the highest possible conversion rate for any advertising campaign. This means that when you promote one particular product or service, your site should display some relevant content on its pages. However, it is challenging to set up Google ads on every website of yours without getting targeted traffic. When you have all the appropriate information to show Google ads on your sites, then the next thing you need to do is search for the  Seo company in lucknow Our agency offers reliable results at affordable rates of cost without compromising quality. Now, let us tell you about our services and products.

The Benefits Of Using Us

We know how frustrating it is when you are looking for the right SEO agency but don’t find any suitable ones in Mumbai. At present time, there is no guarantee of your success. It might be because they are not qualified for different types of work and are unaware of what type of customers you are targeting and their needs. So, it will not really benefit you if you go on an online shopping platform just because those agencies don’t seem reliable. But as soon as you get the right fit of services from us, then your business will prosper with increasing leads. This is why we are committed to providing excellent customer satisfaction to the clients.

Our Services

There are many kinds of SEO services offered by people who offer various kinds of marketing services. There is no doubt about that, right now the world has become digitalized. For that reason, more people prefer searching their problems online through social media. That’s why, in such times, you can see more than 50% searches for your name through platforms like Facebook. What happens here is that your brand will attract more visitors. Thus, whenever you want to expand into other regions, especially when you are working hard to develop new websites, then we ensure you can reach out to us. The main aim of this is to achieve maximum ROI by offering effective services to the global clients.

Our Products And Technologies

Our industry-specific domain names are known for excellence and reliability and have already grown over a lot of years. You can see this with the help of domains like & We are also using high tech techniques like DNS autofillers and custom DNS servers that allow our users to make changes in their own web or server. These are some of the benefits that can be reaped by you by choosing our services. They include things like keyword research, link building, URL structure optimization, meta descriptions, sitemap creation, video optimization, etc. But it does require considerable amount of time and effort to implement these services. Therefore, get them done for free within 24 hours.


We always give full guarantee to satisfy the client. After all, the only way to get your dream project completed is to have skilled experts who are well experienced. So, if you want to learn how to succeed in internet marketing, reach out to us. We have already achieved so much within the last couple of decades by setting standards in the sector. So, you can trust us and get best results. The best part is that you will not leave any stone unturned to accomplish your goals. Just contact us today and start making projects now!

About Us

We are the leading agency specializing in local & international search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing services. Whether you need simple webpage, complex landing page or large scale eCommerce project management, we can take care of it. You will find the resources, professionals, and expertise required to develop beautiful online experiences for your clients.

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Best SEO company in Lucknow


We provide a wide range of Services

SEO company in Lucknow

StrikeIT being your digital marketing partner offer a wide range of Web development and Digital marketing services .

How can we help you?

Website development company | E -commerce development

We are the best website development and digital marketing  company in lucknow serving worldwide customers grow and expand their businesses.

Website Designing

A website is your online image ,your product and we the team strikeIT built it professionally for you .A website is your online shop where either you sell your product or services or give related information to your customers to get full idea about your business or organization.

Application Development

Application development is the new trend ,a set of programme designed in a such a way that they can perform different task that a organization requires .Applications help businesses to automate processes and increase business efficiency .

Social media marketing

Being the best digital marketing company we with the help of social media platforms build your image with proper strategies and planning that can help the brands in their growth and customer acquisition .THe strategic social media planning brings desired and successful results to our clients.

Search engine optimization

We are experts in bringing your website to the top Google seach results . We with the help of our Whitehat SEO techniques bring desired results to our clients which increases the number of website visitors finally resulting in generating more business to our clients.


Ecommerce is the type of dynamic website where a customer can buy product/services from your website can pay via different modes of payment which can leads to transaction on website .

Graphic Designing

We offer a wide range of custom graphic design services,and ably translate your thoughts and ideas into creative graphic designs and can lead to superior results.We stress on creating custom graphics that work to your advantage.

A brief about our services

StrikeIT is the one stop solution for your Digital marketing need . We provide SEO services  | Website Designing services | Application Development | Social media marketing | E – commerce website development |Graphic Designing | Pay per click management services and other IT Services.

SEO Services

StrikeIT SEO company

Why do you need SEO services ?

Gone are the days, when we go visit a website by typing www followed by a name that ends with .com or something like that. This is an era where all the knowledge there is, is accessible through internet. And How? They are just a click away. With all the today’s advanced search engines, drowning us with information, there comes a need to find a way to get to people/business online who are genuine and serious about what they do and how they do it. But, to find and to be found on the internet among zillions of other websites, there should be time a saving tool that will give us what we need exactly on the internet. That tool is called search engine optimization.

The word optimization in simple terms is putting the best in use and thus getting the needed outcome. Yes! We connect the dots for you. In other words, with the technical know-how of how the leading search engines work, we help our clients to find their website online through search engines which will directly take the potential customer to the website, resulting in the growth of the business. We being the best SEO company in Gomtinagar, Lucknow are aware of the best  White hat Seo techniques and work accordingly to rank our client giving them long lasting SEO results .


What we do at StrikeIT

search engine optimization, seo, marketing-1359430.jpg

Why should you choose StrikeIT

We, at StrikeIT,  one of the leading SEO company in Lucknow, with a commited team of energetic people, put your business upfront where people can see and contact you easily online. Becoming search engine friendly requires having the ability to give the users a great experience so he or she might want to come back for more.  The user’s rankings and experience are taken into account and the traffic of a website is determined accordingly.

One can imagine a search engine as a person with self-sufficient and evolving artificial intelligence. It read patterns, senses the flow of traffic, interprets data and information and does even more in order to give useful and expected results while a user/ customer is searching for a service or a product through keywords they search with in the search box of a search engine.  StrikeIT, your online navigator and Search engine partner can take you to the right customers and business people allowing you to serve them.

We are one of the leading SEO company in Gomtinagar, Lucknow, serving businesses and organisations by helping the same to achieve their business goals through using a seach engine optimised website for best visibility and access.

What is the price for not performing better in the search?

According to a famous Market and Consumer Data company, 4.5 billion people use internet and
almost 3/4th of them use internet to search about goods and services before they make a decision
on availing the same. It is no wonder the global corporate giants investing millions of money and
their valuable resources into being search-engine friendly. The crucial reason behind all this effort is
to be available online and continue to serve their clients and customers in a smart and swift way.
The other word for being better in the search is to be visible and accessible by the people looking for
the products and services we deal with. So it is a wise decision to move online with customised
search engine optimization allowing us to be found.
The time and resources we spend for being listed on the search helps the business to stay
predominant online and be available when people search about our products and services.

On-page SEO

This is one of the ways to optimising a website to increase the ranking on the search engine and also to drastically improve the flow of traffic on our website organically. This is also called On-Site SEO. It is basically fine tuning the words used, the images used and the links used on the website which will in turn increase the visitors of the website organically. This also refers to the content on the website. The content has to be high quality and very much relevant with perfectly suitable words. We concentrate on headings, title tags and keywords used.

Technical SEO

As the name suggests, this deals with technically helping the website to be more recognisable by the search engines and also improving the user experience in terms of speed and smooth crawl-through and thus increasing the chances of being ranked better by the search engines. This unskippable part of SEO also talks about the basic technical requirements that a website needs in order to be picked up and understandable by the today's artificial-intelligence powered search engines. In simple terms, the search engines consider the websites that has been optimised technically, so as to make them rank and take into account whenever there is a search is done on the search engines. To add more, the website has to have features like original and engaging content, structured data, fast loading of pages and more.

Link building

This is a vital activity in the process of SEO, where we collect important links from other top notch websites that will allow us to pass through the authority. Why Link building: 1. This will help us get the attention of the search engines. Since the website is new, the links from the old and strong websites will prove to be trustworthy and promote trust. 2. Replication of competitor's links can be a strategy in SEO, helping us to reach more people. 3. This is an off the website activity. This allows us to make our website be more reachable. 4. By linking the web pages, it is made easy to navigate and communicate with eachother. 5. Application of hyperlinks from the other websites will help us navigate from one web page to another. 6. An information from the famous website is used by a new website through using their hyperlinks using the link building tool.

E-commerce SEO:

1. People search for things they like on the search engines. Unlike the traditional way of buying a product or service from a physical store, this experience of making it ours just by paying for it at the convenience of being wherever we are, is fascinating. So it is very likely to go for search engine optimization when it comes to succeeding in the field of ecommerce. 2. Almost three forth of the online experiences come through search engines. And it is very often that is converts into a sale. It is not just the product. But it's review, images, details and others offers that are available online, making it a successful sale. 3. This activity comes under on-site SEO

Global and national SEO:

Global SEO focuses on a wider range of population giving the website a world wide reach. Whereas National SEO which is also called as local SEO, is the optimization done to focus on a limited geographic area which usually helps to communicate or market a product or service. Say, for example, you own a physical store in your locality. And if your intention is to get the audience of your locality to know about your presence and services of your store, the best to go with is the national SEO. The amount of content that you are going to need to do a global SEO is more than that of the national SEO. The cost involved for national and global are two different degree of expenses. These two SEOs are country, Region, Language and sometimes product/service specific.

Feature Six

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Other services

We at StrikeIT also offers Website development |Application Development | Social media marketing services | SEO Services | Logo Designing  | Graphic Designing and other  360 degree Digital marketing services.

Website designing

A website can be an identity to a company. It communicates the clients, customers and other
prospective relationship which can positively affect the growth of a company. The style, message,
image, format, pattern and the colour of a website has to be warm, welcoming and appealing to the
target audience.
we are the website development company of few who think about the customisation and creating a
landmark design that can be associated with the company that owns the website. Crisp content and
easy to read pages are always a part of it. The homepage should always be sweet and short which
would give it a classic look and appeal for sure.
Websites that are Mobile friendly, easy page navigation, supporting cookies, home page layout,
smooth landing pages that we keep things in mind while designing.
We are the website development company form Lucknow, with a vision of serving the world with
modernity and value

Application Development

An application is a software that runs on devices to help mobile and tablet perform definite tasks.
We are an app development company specialised in creating Android and iPhone application
suitable for mobile and tablet devices.
An application can be developed for a wide range of purposes, starting from personal needs which
would help people on personal development achieving personal goals, to business needs helping
improve the efficiency and thus increasing the revenue of the company or an enterprise.
We develop application software that are safe and secure. The reliability of the applications we
make is of 100%. We create user friendly applications that help you get the jobs done instantly
saving time and considerable amount of resources. We help automate your business processes that
cuts down the rate of operating expenses of a company. Ultimately after adding application to the
daily routine, one can concentrate on developing the areas that needs attention.

Social media marketing

Ever heard of spreading the words in the place where a lot of people come together. They call it a
carnival. Yes! In today’s world the majority of the population are attending the carnival that happens
every now and then. The only difference is , it happens online on all the social media platforms and
websites which can be done with the help of our Social Media Marketing Company in Lucknow.
Any product or service can be promoted through online and the same can be done in a simple to a
extravagant way done by our Social Media Marketing Company in Lucknow, depending upon how far
and where a product or service wants be reached. The extend of the reach depends upon the
content and the way how is it put. And, of course, the amount of time and money spent on it.
The magic this kind of marketing can impart is tremendous. We can reach zillions of people with this
through social media marketing.
Our Social Media Marketing Company in Lucknow has great experience in making advanced and
expressive digital contents. We at StrikeIT deliver the best social media marketing services to our clients keeping in mind their brand image and company vision perspective.

E-commerce Development

Ecommerce is an ever-growing internet site where people will be able to buy products and services
that they like with the help of various electronic payment portals. Ecommerce website development
company does it in such a way that it will enhance the user or customer experience so they would
love to purchase it from the ecommerce website.
It is the experience that they get on websites that urges the customer to want the product and make
a purchase decision on it. So, making an attractive ecommerce website is the baseline for the
success of the same.
The features we focus on are the imagery, product description with technical details, customer
reviews, occasional usage of videos to emphasize on the selling points of the products are few a to
think about.
Another important aspect of ecommerce is in reaching maximum customers while hitting the market
at the right time. We make ecommerce websites that make a buzz and be helpful for the up and
coming companies.
Ecommerce website development has proved to be a crucial process in the making of a successful
business today.

Graphic designing

This type of content can be used to deliver a pictorial representation of the concept and best used
for designing a product, branding, packaging and advertising it. We can use graphic designing to
design a website with less words and more pictures and videos.
It is a best way of communicating to the end audience through visual content. This type of craft is
used to create engaging and refreshing content with computer software, so the audience or the
customers would want to indulge in it and listen to what they have to communicate.
The concept of the brand or product can be communicated well to the end audience with the help of
building a concept that is catchy and loving.
This helps us have high quality content. We make use of animation and designing applications to
help build a vividly perfect online platform.

Pay per click

The best way to get paid leads and visbility without wasting time to grow organically is Pay per click services. This technique helps to grow your business from the next day onwayds by running PPC ads and get high visibility on front page of Search engine and also getting leads from your paid ad service . In this kind ad Service client pays only as per no of clicks he get when his ad is live which makes client marketing  budget efficient as he pays no money if his ad is not getting clicked . Only we get clicks which turnout to be his leads afterwards client pays for the no of clicks he receives on his ad campaign . 

Our Clients

Our clients are essential part of our journey and we are delighted to serve  them all.

Free consultation if you wish to start a project with us

For any query regarding sales or customer support connect us at contact number-


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